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What is V.U.C.A.?

V.U.C.A. is an acronym that defines the conditions that affect organizations in a changing and complex world. It was designed to help us factor in the forces of change and uncertainty in our projects and businesses. V.U.C.A. stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. 

  • Volatility refers to the rate of change and churn in a business or situation. 
  • Uncertainty refers to the lack of predictability or high potential for surprise. In an uncertain environment, it would be difficult to create plans for the future that we're not based on a large number of assumptions that could turn out to be incorrect. 
  • Complexity refers to the high number of interrelated forces, issues, organizations, and factors that would influence the life and business. 
  • Ambiguity refers to the possibility of misunderstanding the conditions and root causes of events or circumstances.

How to apply V.U.C.A.?

It's a concept developed to deal with these forces in a changing and uncertain world. Businesses can apply the concept of V.U.C.A. as a tool for determining how best to approach business projects. Introducing certainty through SDTEST + correlation.

What is correlation?

Correlation is a term used in various fields of knowledge, including psychology, to denote the mutual correlation and correspondence of concepts and phenomena.

What is correlation dependence?

Correlation dependence is the changes that the values of one attribute contribute to the probability of different values of another attribute appearing.

What is a positive correlation?

It is when another accompanies an increase in one variable or when high values of one are associated with high values of another, and low values are associated with low values.

What does a positive correlation show?

The relationship between two variables can be as follows - when the values of one variable increase, the values of the other variable also increase. It is what a positive correlation coefficient shows.

What is a negative correlation?

It is when an increase in the other accompanies a decrease in one variable or when high values of one are associated with low values of the other, and low values are associated with high values.

What does a negative correlation show?

The relationship between two variables can be as follows - when the values of one variable decrease, the values of the other variable increase. It shows a negative correlation coefficient. Such variables are said to be negatively correlated.

What is correlation coefficient?

The correlation coefficient in mathematical statistics is an indicator characterizing the strength of the statistical relationship between two or more random variables.

Their common feature is that they reflect the relationship of two traits measured on a quantitative scale - rank or metric.

What is statistical significance?

Statistical significance is an assessment of whether an event is due to chance. If an outcome is statistically significant, it is unlikely to occur due to random events or fluctuations.

How does determine if a relationship is significant (credible)?

There is a threshold for determining statistical significance. The critical value of the correlation coefficient determines it. If the obtained value of the correlation coefficient is higher than the critical value, such correlation is considered to be statistically significant (reliable). 

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Reports of V.U.C.A. polls which SDTEST makes:

1) 上个月与人员有关的公司的行动(是 /否)

2) 公司在上个月内与人员有关的行动(事实为%)

3) 恐惧

4) 我国家面临的最大问题

5) 建立成功的团队时,好的领导者会使用哪些素质和能力?

6) 谷歌。影响团队竞争力的因素

7) 求职者的主要优先事项

8) 是什么使老板成为伟大的领导者?

9) 是什么使人们在工作中成功?

10) 您准备好获得更少的薪水远程工作吗?

11) 是否存在年龄主义?

12) 职业中的年龄主义

13) 生活中的年龄主义

14) 年龄歧视的原因

15) 人们放弃的原因(Anna Vital)

16) 相信 (#WVS)

17) 牛津幸福调查

18) 心理健康

19) 您的下一个最激动人心的机会将在哪里?

20) 您本周将做些什么来照顾您的心理健康?

21) 我生活在思考我的过去,现在或将来

22) 精英制

23) 人工智能和文明的终结

24) 人们为什么拖延?

25) 建立自信的性别差异(IFD Allensbach)

26) XING.COM文化评估

27) 帕特里克·林奇尼(Patrick Lencioni)的“团队的五个功能障碍”

28) 移情是...

29) IT专家选择工作机会的必不可少?

30) 为什么人们抵制变化(SiobhánMchale作者)

31) 您如何调节情绪? (由Nawal Mustafa M.A.)

32) 21个永远付给您的技能(由Jeremiah Teo /赵汉升)

33) 真正的自由是...

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